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Lighting makes the mood…

One of the biggest changes I’ve had over the past 18 months by my clients is the addition of accent lighting for their wedding. In the past lighting was hardly ever considered and view has a wast of money. However as my brides have worked to create unique wedding events, they have turned to lighting […]

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Favorite Cake…

So I like cake, and all of my clients know it. I always ask my clients what type of cake they want, do they want a “Cake” or a “Dessert”? There is a difference, for those who like Desserts, I recommend they look at Ludgers but for those wanting a cake, I MUST recommend they […]

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Well, here we go again!

So it has been months, 9 to be exact, since my last blog post. I’m back! We’ve spent much of the past nine months working to bring everything up to date. We grew so fast and shot so many weddings that it was impossible to keep up with the blog. So a decision had to […]

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