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Where are my dog lovers? {Tulsa Pet Photographer}

So I’m looking for some fellow dog lovers in the Tulsa area. As most of my close friends know our family suffered a loss back in August with our 10 year old Airedale Terrier, Brittany, passed away. It was a very hard time for us and one that made me realize how few images I had of her through the 10 years she was a part of our family.

We have been super blessed to have Lola, another Airedale Terrier, join our family several months ago. During these past months I’ve taken regular opportunities to photograph Lola and I’ve really enjoyed the time spent with her.

So… I’m looking to help other dog loving families with some professional portraits of their favorite pooch. I’m offering some free pet portrait sessions during the cold winter months. I have 10 open spots I’d like to fill with some loving pets.

Here are the details:

  • – Your pet needs to be less then 8 months old or over 2 years old. As not all pet owners train their dog I feel I can work with pups and adult
  • – I don’t know where the session will take place, maybe my studio, outside or your home… just depends on your pet
  • – The session is FREE
  • – Pets are welcome to bring along a favorite toy to make the time easier
  • – Family members are welcome to be in some shots with their Pooch!

I’ll chose the pets based on a mix of breeds, age, special characteristics, and age of owners…

How to be considered… Simple, fill out the “Contact” form here on the blog and give me some details about your pet, or nominate a pet of a family member.


Linda Jamison - I have a miniature dachshund named Chloe. She is 7 months old and she is adorable. I am 61 and I’m getting married this summer to a friend (now turned boyfriend) of 20 years. I had 2 dachshunds previously and lost them both at the end of 2008 within a few months of each other. One was 13 and the other was 15. It took me a full year to be ready for my next member of the family.

Do you already have the 10 you were looking for? If not, I would like for you to consider Chloe.

Treadmill Traci - Oh my goodness! What an adorable dog! 😀

Cat Dog Breeds - haha, the dog look very cute

Crystal Sidebottom - I’m not sure when you put this site up, but either free or not I would love to get professional photos of my dog and I. She is one of a kind and has all of my heart. I want to remember her at this age. She is passed puppy age and she knows comands. The only thing I worry about is lights because she loves them and shadows.
If you’re still needing dogs please contact me. I’m free Tues. Evenings and Wed. evenings. Sunday is my only full day off.

Mandy Wooten - I was just looking online for photographers to take some pictures of my puppy and I to give to family for Christmas! I am one of the assistants at miss Shelly’s so I know who you are!! My puppy and I would love to be apart of this if you haven’t already picked people. My puppy’s name is Ollie and he is 6 months old. He is a schnauzer Maltese daschund. He is black with white on his tummy and has a little white on his beard. He’s so sweet and cute!

laila knight - well i got zues early last summer…hes like 7yrs old and hes a rotwieler and hes just amazing hes so sweet and playful i dont know what id do without him!!

KierstenBrown - Hi There!
I am looking for someone to do Holiday photos with my two dogs. It seems that more and more studios aren’t allowing pets, but they are my family, so I wouldn’t consider pics without them! I really can’t afford anything insanley priced, but if you know of anyone in Tulsa that is a good price please let me know. Thanks!

debra j carter - Hi Jesse, I just found your site. I have a scotty dog he is going to 20 mo. old in July. Also, I have a beagle he is 16 mo. old. You probably are not doing the free thingy anymore but, I am a dog LOVER and we adopted the scotty from a home in Texas. He is adorable and his name is Doc McTavish. The beagle in Jack. I am very interested in a few amazing photos of them, b/c I would love to send Doc’s old family a really nice pic of him! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I still want to pay for some photos! You sound really nice. ANd I agree that our pets are our family. 9187609905 or

Tulsa Vets - What an adorable dog. Lovely! 🙂

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