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Andrea & Lyle = Blissful Love! {Tulsa Wedding Photographer}

I’m really blessed to have some of the best clients in the world and this weekend was no different. I had the joy of sharing a beautiful day with Andrea and Lyle. Their wedding at First United Methodist was amazing with a very beautiful reception at the German American Society. All the lighting was done by Zach Downing and really made the event special.

Julie - Ande and Lyle’s pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the poses! The coloring is breathtaking!

Ande - Wow! Jesse, you did such a wonderful job, thank you so much for capturing such a special time for us! I know that I will treasure these for years to come! Can’t hardly wait to see the rest!

Angie - Ande and Lyle,
The wedding pics are beautiful. I think the photographer really captured the emotions of the day, especially the one with you and your dad.

Gina - Jesse, these pictures are amazing. Thank you for everything! I can’t wait to see all the images. MOB

Ashley - Absolutely beautiful!! Most amazing bride ever!! Love you both!!

Cassie Summers - Great pictures! You look so beautiful in all of them!

Deanne Boggs - Ande, your pictures are beautiful! I like how some of them are candid shots and some are posed. It makes for a nice variety. :)Thank you for inviting me to share your wedding day. The wedding and the reception were lovely. The food was delicious!

Lyle - Jesse, thanks so much. These pics are great. The day flew by so fast I a am thankful for the wonderful job you did capturing the evening so I can bask in the moment a little longer.

robert - Jesse when the girls told me that you were the best photographer when we started this process. These pics are more than i could imagine. I can’t wait to see them all. And the girls were right, you are the best. Thanks you so very much for capturing this special night for our family.

Evelyn - I think the pictures are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the rest. -Evelyn, grandmother of the bride

Emily - The pictures are so beautiful and you did an amazing job capturing great memories for them!

Maritza Mendoza - Ande, your pictures are beautiful! You looked amazing.

Ann - What beautiful pictures!

Erika - Wow, what a perfect capture of a perfect day/evening!!! They are awesome…helps when you are taking pics of such a beautiful coupple. I love you Ande!

Kay Woody - These photos are beautiful and only make me want more. More! More!

Ruby - I attended this wedding and Jesse captured the moments in a way that make the memory even more special. He created beautiful images that will be enjoyed for years to come. Ande, you did look amazing!

Jeff - Ande was a stunning bride and Jesse did a great job of making sure everyone who sees these pictures knows it. We look forward to seeing more.

Dalene Wells - The pictures are FAB U LOUS!!!! What a beautiful wedding and GORGEOUS bride and groom!!!

Esther Vana - What incredibly beautiful pictures! A life time treasure for Ande and Lyle, provided by Jesse.

Aunt Karen - Ande and Lyle, the day was perfect and the pictures are amazing. I can’t wait to see more. Anxious to see how God blesses your marriage..

Blair - Ande and Lyle, I love your pictures!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!! I had such a good time at your wedding and cant wait to see what the future holds for you!!! Love you both!

Janice Stillwell - The photographs are absolutely breathtaking. Of course the beautiful subjects in the photos sure helped. Ande looked gorgeous and Lyle was very handsome.

Kim - I am blown away by these amazing pictures. Every picture expertly captures the moment in an intimate and unique way. What a wonderful job of capturing what was for sure, a special and beautiful ceremony and reception. We were honored to be there!

Lora - Stunning pics!!! Can’t wait to see more! Thanks for sharing these with us, but now I am left with great antisipation πŸ™‚ Love ya!

Brian - Great pictures – beautiful wedding! Thanks for letting our girls be apart of this special day! We can’t wait to see more!

Lora - Stunning pictures! Beautiful wedding! We can’t to see the rest of the pictures – I know they will be amazing! Love ya!

Sonie - Wow! Great pics…..of course you had great subjects. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the rest. Good job, Jesse!

Katie - Jesse, the pics are amazing! Great job capturing the moment and Lyle and Ande’s personalities πŸ™‚

Courtney - Wonderful pictures!!! Ande, you looked amazing, what a special day!

Trudy Judkins - Beautiful couple! Great photography. Loved being able to view these online.

Kerri - Awesome pics! The wedding was beautiful and these pictures do a great job of capturing the mood of the evening! Ande, you were a gorgeous bride!!

Julie - Jesse, the pictures turned out so great! Thanks for capturing such a wonderful day. And big sister, you couldn’t have been more beautiful!

Carrie - Great pics! You looked great, Ande!

Rachel - Your wedding looked so pretty.. I’m so jealous! Love the pictures!

Amy - Jesse, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. And Lyle, do you have a younger brother by chance?

Carl Chenoweth - These pictures of Lyle and Ande are exceptional and if those to come are as incredible as the two of them and their parents, their wedding day memories will be marvelously archived for a lifetime. I thank them for allowing us to be a part of their marriage extravaganza.

Shane - Dang, I look good in the sparkler pic. So do you Lyle. Really great pics guys…

Caroline - Ande and Lyle, your wedding day looked so beautiful. What better way to remember the day than with these awesome photos? Enjoy married life πŸ™‚

Kym Tinsley - Absolutely beautiful! I love all the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful wedding day and you have wonderful pictures to remember it by.

Charity Holmes - Ande, you are the most beautiful bride ever! I LOVE this pics and think your photographer is amazing!!!

Angie - I loooooove these!! You all are adorable!

Theresa - Beautiful wedding! It is a magical day you will never, ever forget, and the photographs are amazing. All of the photos were stunning!!

Lisa Spessard - Wow! These photographs are amazing. We couldn’t be there, but the love and warmth you captured makes me feel like I was. Ande, you were beautiful.

Kettisha Arbuckle+9-6+ - Jesse- Thank you so much for truly high quality artistic photos. Our kids look like they are straight off the pages of a quality high fashion magazine. Your photographic gift truly added to this special day. MOG and MILOB

Larry Arbuckle - Jesse,
Thank you for capturing the Big event so that it can be remembered,relived, and enjoyed for years to come. Great Job!
Larry Arbuckle, father of the Groom and very proud father-in-law of the bride.

Amanda Arbuckle - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lol o jk loved the wedding. the pictures were absolutly amazing!!!


Lynn - The most beautiful wedding! And WOW, those pictures are amazing.

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