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Destination Weddings: Dominican Republic

Well, I’m up late in Chicago on my way to the Dominican Republic for the wedding of Crystal and Chris. It’ll be an awesome time, but all great trips have road bumps. Our first road bump came when some rain made our American Airline puddle jumper fly from Tulsa to Denver to Nebraska to somewhere to Chicago because the plane couldn’t get wet…

The second road bump, and the biggest yet, was when the staff at the Mirage Restaurant in the Four Point by Sheraton, decided to keep my wife’s cell phone. I’m very angry about this. What type of person cleans the table and pockets a phone.

Natalie was so hurt she cried herself to sleep, which really hurt me. I’m not an overly angry person, but I really want to go and shake them down… For anyone laying over @ O’Hare, stay away from the Four Points by Sheraton hotel… Do yourself a favor.

Anyway, we fly out to Miami at 6:00 AM and assume no more bumps, we’ll be on the beach by mid afternoon!!!! I’m super excited about this wedding as I want to try out some underwater photography. Looking forward to just getting away!

Our office is CLOSED until Tuesday, June 9th. After this post, we won’t have access to phone or email until we hit the mainland next week. Be safe…


Brianna Cole - That is my uncle chris and new aunt chrystle. my dad is Bobby the best man! that was a lovly wedding aunt crhystle and uncle crhis cant wait to see you guys when you come back that video blew my mind… you looked lovly aunt chrystle! wish i was there!



John - Some lovely photos there, especially the black and whites.

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