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Yearly Archives: 2008

Lighting makes the mood…

One of the biggest changes I’ve had over the past 18 months by my clients is the addition of accent lighting for their wedding. In the past lighting was hardly ever considered and view has a wast of money. However as my brides have worked to create unique wedding events, they have turned to lighting […]

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Dresser Mansion

Over the past years I’ve photographed a number of weddings at the Dresser Mansion here in Tulsa. The mansion is nicely located close to downtown Tulsa and is always a favorite of brides looking for a venue with old charm. This is a wedding where we did both he still and motion photography. It’s just […]

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Favorite Cake…

So I like cake, and all of my clients know it. I always ask my clients what type of cake they want, do they want a “Cake” or a “Dessert”? There is a difference, for those who like Desserts, I recommend they look at Ludgers but for those wanting a cake, I MUST recommend they […]

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Destination Weddings….

Many brides are looking for something different. When you in Tulsa, that means outside of one of the super popular churches and away from the normal reception venues. The only issue, is that unless your family has some nice land, you don’t have many options. There are always the Dresser Mansion, Vesica Picsis or Harwelden […]

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