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250 Gig for the MacBook Pro

I’m super excited today. When I switched our studio to Mac last December, I really didn’t know the “Mac Mindset” that once you buy a machine you NEVER upgrade it…. What? Never?…  Now that isn’t the case with many Mac users, but with the simple design of the Mac computers they don’t make it easy to upgrade your Laptop.

Now when I was a Dell user, it was one screw and the HDD would just POP out. For the MacBook Pro, it’s 30 minutes, 17 different screws and some really scary views of the inside of my MBP. Nevertheless, I was able to successfully replace my small 120 gig HDD with a new, larger 250gig model.

I know this doesn’t mean much to many of you, but for me it was, “YAHOO!!!!”

I got all of my parts and support from Other World Computing @ the parts were much cheaper then the $1999 price tag of a new MBP… 🙂

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